Investments and Wealth Management

Our investment strategy places clients into an aggressive to conservative portfolio, based on the individual client’s preferences and risk tolerance, that is designed to protect their assets and allow for growth. Our investment planning services also offer the use of Fixed Index Annuities in cases where the client is looking for total safety, liquidity, and to participate in the gains of the market without taking all the risk.

Retirement Planning

Transitioning into retirement requires careful analysis and planning. Three major questions need to be asked and addressed in order for this process to work properly. As a CPA Financial Planner, we will guide you in this critical life event.

Income Tax Preparation

Since 1982 we have prepared thousands of tax returns for individual and business clients in many states. Our expertise, training and experience in this area ensures that you get the deductions, credits and planning that you are looking for.

Comprehensive Financial Planning

This service covers the areas of investment planning, saving plans, lifestyle assessment, retirement planning and income taxes. Making assumptions that are fine-tuned and adjusted over time, our objective is to define your goals and point the way for you to achieve them.

CPA Services

These services include: Working with attorneys on Estates and Trusts, Business Succession, Strategic problem-solving, selecting the type of business entity for your business, business start-up planning, setting up your books, and QuickBooks consulting.


Greene & Company is Compensated as Follows:

Portfolio Management Fees

• 1.75% per annum on the first $250,000 of assets under management

• 1.50% on the next $250,000

• 1.25% on the third $250,000

• 1.00 % on all assets in excess of $750,000.

Commissions on Fixed Index Annuities are paid by the Insurance companies that we work with.

Surrender fees are charged to the client accounts if annuity contracts are cashed in prior to the end of their term, typically on a declining annual scale.

Tax Preparation Fees are priced individually by agreement with each client.

Hourly Fees for consulting and other services requested by our clients are charged as follows:

• CPA Services: from $150 to $250 per hour

• Senior Accountant: from $80 to $100 per hour

• Clerical Services: from $40 to $60 per hour